Breaking: Deputy U/W Regional Minister attacked with matchetes


Some unknown attackers on Thursday night inflicted cutlass wounds on the Deputy Upper West Regional Minister Amidu Chinnia Issahaku near his house in Wa.

It has been gathered by that the machete-wielding men did not demand any items from the Minister, but only stopped and attacked him while he was taking an evening walk.

Mr. Chinnia who is also a parliamentary aspirant of the New Patriotic  Party (NPP) in the Sissala East constituency is currently receiving treatment at the Homeland Hospital in Wa.

Narrating his ordeal to journalists, he said “I was almost at my main gate when they appeared from nowhere. They did not ask me any questions or asked for anything. They just removed the cutlass trying to take my life”.

Though he tried escaping from his attackers, he fell in the attempt and his shouts for help could not be heard by the police officer manning his gate because of a standby generator that was running at the time and generating a loud sound.

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Though police in the Upper West Region say they suspect an assassination attempt on the Minister, an arrest is yet to be made.

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