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Breaking News..Anas Unmasked In Accra with His [email protected] By Nima Boys- Full Video!

pinaxonline has spotted an alleged viral video that is really making waves online and it has to do with Ghana’s number 1 undercover Journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

The truth of the matter is that no one knows the true image or identity of Anas even though Kennedy Agyapong leaked some pictures of the undercover journalist.

In this particular video, a young man who is in his late 30’s and in a Muslim attire was spotted exchanging words with a man who has braided his hair (Anas Alleged), but, the main reason for the exchange of words we, cannot tell as the video was cut short.

Trust us to dig more into the issue as it unfolds…

Check out

the video below;


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One Comment

  1. you peoples deaaa are you sure you hear the Hausa very well??
    the man just said he is Anas and you also believe it and brought the video on your page
    you guys are funny .you think Anas is a fool ryt even so called Kennedy koraa wasn’t able to bring the exact picture of Anass he will be changing anas pictures
    go and check Kennedy brought more than 4 different pictures claiming that is Anass and which is not true
    the pictures you guys brought on your screen doesn’t even match the video we are watching
    the 99days for the thief you said do you know the meaning ??
    Anas is doing his job ryt and he is not cheating so you can’t used that 99days for the thief one day for the master on him wae

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