Breaking News: NDC Secretary’s 15 Rooms burnt Down Into Ashes- Kusawgu in N/R

Fire has destroyed properties of the NDC Secretary for Yapei-Kusawgu constituency of the Northern Region Mr Iddi Latif.
Mr Latif who could not retrieve even a pin from his room is currently putting up with friends at Tamale.
Narrating the incident to Bole based Nkilgi  Fm, Mr Latif said he was asleep with his wife and a little child on the eve of the new year night when he heard noise from the compound. He rushed out only to see the entire house in serious flames. He quickly went back to bring his wife and children out of his house.
The entire house of 15 rooms  got burnt to ashes. It is suspected a tenant left a cylinder on after cooking and left the house for an all night church service. The fire started at 11pm.
The incident happened at Sawaba, a suburb of Tamale.
Four fire tenders from the Fire service station came to the scene but the house was already burnt.
The Fire Service officers did well by preventing the fire from getting to nearby houses around the house of Mr Iddi Latif.

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