BREAKING NEWS: Rabies dog eats 5 children at Keta


Residents of Kedzikope and  Tegbi both communities in the Keta Municipality are living in fear after stray rabies infested dog went wild on Tuesday evening, November 13, 2018, devouring 5 children in the process.

The victims with several body injuries are currently on admission at the intensive care unit of the   Keta Municipal hospital in the Volta Region.

Officials of the facility disclosed the injuries of some of the victims were such that they had to be stitched and as well as given full rabies treatment to save them from complications.

The Keta Municipal Health Director, Ms. Titiati Perfect said the situation is currently under control but said they are monitoring the conditions of all five to ensure nothing untoward happens.

The community members, the health directorate and the police have mounted a search for the dog before it causes any further injury to residents.

The dog at the filing of this story is still at large meanwhile radio announcements have been made for everyone to be on the lookout and alert for the dog through its description is still unknown.


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