BREAKING News: State frees powerful ‘galamsey queen’ Aisha Huang as mining ban is lifted


The Chinese woman believed to be deeply engaged in illegal mining in Ghana, commonly referred to as Galamsey queen, Aisha Huang has been freed by the state.

The galamsey Queen whom earlier reported was still operating her galamsey business despite her trial. She was running her galamsey sites this time through a consortium of her Ghanaian counterparts and visits the site at Obuasi Bepotenten only at night.

With the ban on galamsey lifted and her freedom, it will be appear to be a coincidence too good to believe. ascertained on Monday and Tuesday 26th and 27th June 2017 respectively, Aisha visited her galamsey site late in the night. She personally arrived in a white Toyota Fortuner vehicle both nights and inspected work being done.

She was confronted on Tuesday night by angry residents of the area when they spotted her at the site, but she claimed she had come to the area to service her mining equipment in order take them away.

When she realized the angry residents had massed up, she reportedly gave them some money in order to calm tempers and immediately fled the scene.

Meanwhile, the operating sounds of machines could be heard throughout the night in the area, a development some residents believe is related to the illegal mining activities government has directed everyone to stop.

Despite all these developments, Ghana’s state prosecutors discontinued the trial of ‘Aisha’ Huang and four other Chinese nationals today. The State Attorney, Mercy Arthur, presented the application for nolle prosequi to the Accra High Court, presided over by Justice Charles Ekow Baiden on Wednesday.

But she did not give a reason for the discontinuation of the case.

Based on the application, the court discharged the five accused persons. The judge had previously complained about how the case was being delayed.

Justice Baiden told the prosecution and defence that he wanted to deal with the case before the end of the legal year.

Aisha and her compatriots were first arraigned on May 9, 2018 for engaging in illegal small-scale mining at Bepotenten in the Amansie Central District of the Ashanti Region.

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