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Speaking to Prime Morning’s reporter, Abila Abagi on social watch, the market women did not hesitate to pour their heart out about what they believe spells out the MPs incompetence.

“As for Boniface, he has done nothing for us. We only see him during campaign times”. Bemoaned one market woman.

“He’s done virtually nothing as a member of parliament. We don’t even consider ourselves as having an MP”. Cried another market woman.

According to them, the Member of Parliament has neglected their plights in the constituency. They also add that the Madina market, which had been under construction before his term began has since not been completed. To make matters worse, they’ve had to remain on the streets to trade their wares; a situation which they consider too high a risk to their lives.

“An accident can happen anytime on the streets, and our lives will be at risk”. Said one trader.

Speaking off camera, other residents in the area threatened to unseat the sitting MP if he did not put himself together to deliver on his mandate.

They stated that all through the four years of him as an MP, it was only a few months ago, that he begun constructing the roads and gutters from the Zongo junction area.

“… just three months ago, he came to put coal tar on the road and even that one, it’s beginning to wash off. Boniface cannot throw dust in our eyes. You don’t wait till election time before coming to do your work. We are not fools”.

The residents called out to all well-meaning Ghanaians to exercise dexterity and wisdom in casting their votes this December. They further called on all nationals to maintain peace before, during and after the election.


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