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BREAKING: Nurse Exposes Hospital Big Time For Faking Covid-19 Results

Social media took a different turn after a nurse exposed a hospital for meddling with COVID-19 test result.

It will be remembered that, ever since the cases of the virus was recorded, everything came to standstill.

year later we are still stuck because of the corona virus , its lock-downs after lockdown. Poverty has strike people since they can’t work due to the fact that a lot of stores and restaurants are shut down because of this .

An anonymous nurse released a pictures showing tests swab at the hospital. What’s funny about these test swab is that they are categorized into positive and negative .This means that before you even test they know what your results will be .

This shocked many South Africans because it proves that the Government has been lying to people all along .They keep introducing different variants in a bid to keep people lockdown .

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