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Brong Ahafo in shock as ‘Blind Man’ sees after the burial of his wife

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The whole town of Akrodie in the Ahafo region has been sent to a world of shock, after a blind man who couldn’t see anything, became open to see. Ankomah Daniel who went blind mysteriously some twenty-one years ago, has suddenly been cleared of his visually impaired condition, after the wife was laid to rest on Saturday. Ankomah who met his wife in 1997, got married in 2000 and became blind in the same year. Ankomah and his wife Adesina, got married on the first week of January 2000, two days before the Kufour inauguration. Their marriage before, was marked with uncertainties, when others knew Ankomah wasn’t a faithful man and can never rely on Adesina only.

Ankomah and Adesina had already been together for three years, before their marriage on January. Two weeks after their marriage, was when a woman came from nowhere that, she and Ankomah are having a child, and needed Ankomah’s support in going through the journey of motherhood. The wife Adesina who has been married for just two weeks, wasn’t happy with how critics treated her that, her marriage won’t last looking at the nature of how Ankomah was with other women. Ankomah made matters calm down, and was able to enjoy his marriage in peace.

On the 26 of February, was when a heavy wind blew across the town, in the evening. Ankomah was in the room watching a football match from his favorite television station GTV, when he complained that, something has fallen on his eyes. He rubbed the eyes and couldn’t see anything again. He thought it was light out, but the wife Adesina affirmed light’s presence in the room, but Ankomah couldn’t see anything again. He was taken to various medical hospitals including Komfo Anokye in Kumasi, and Korle Bu in Accra, but the eyes were still not responding. They gave up of the fight for the eyes to see again, and the went back to their normal duties.

Ankomah and the wife has since been living in peace, been home whiles the wife struggled for him to enjoy. He has since the day he got blind on the 26 February 2000, been staying home everyday because, he has become so much depending on others for everything he needs. The wife never complained throughout their marriage, because her husband was always home, and never did anyone accuse the husband of been her child’s father. Ankomah and his wife Adesina were lucky, and was blessed with four children, who were all girls

The wife Adesina went throughout the pregnancy alone, whiles her husband was home blind, and never complained of anything. Ankomah’s first born is twenty years, whiles the last born is sixteen years and will turn seventeen in few weeks. Adesina complained of headaches on the 26 day of February 2021, and never woke up again. She died the same day, after complaining of the headaches from morning to evening. She died on the same day, her husband got blind. Ankomah got blind on the 26 February 2000, and the wife died on the sa 26 February 2021, exactly twenty-one years after the husband got blind.

Ankomah cried bitterly, as he remembered the day he got blind been the same day, his wife died. He cursed the day several times, as that particular day has brought nothing but pains to him. He got blind on such a day, and the wife who was taking care of him too, has died on the same day, he got blind. He recounted how life hasn’t been fair to him, and could never stopped crying.

The family couldn’t allow the body of Adesina to be kept in mortuary for long, looking at the stress and woes of Ankomah, over the death of his wife. The family made arrangements to bury her last Saturday, the 27 of March 2021. Adesina was placed at the their family house for viewing and burial service on Saturday morning, and burial was done in the evening, when rains prevented the family from burying her in the afternoon. Ankomah was sitting with her eldest child on the Saturday evening, whiles the family was at the cemetery burying Adesina, when a lighting stroke from the skies throughout the town as a result of the rain.

Ankomah touched his daughter’s hands, and taped her shoulders, face and head. Ankomah rose to his feet’s, and hugged his eldest daughter Natalie, and she could feel something deep was going on with her father. Natalie couldn’t imagine the calmness in her father, when she found out his sight is clear to see. Their shouting of happiness, drove attention from sympathizers who were eating funeral dinners, in their peace of mind. Ankomah who spoke to me on the phone, narrated how he has been blind for twenty-one years, and was surprised and thankful to his creator for restoring his sight. He dodged the second question, which people were circulating around, that the wife might have had a hand in his blindness, because of his attitude of with women before his marriage. He never answered that question, despite asking it for a second time, and dodged it again.

He never answered that question, despite asking it for a second time, and dodged it again.



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