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Brouhaha over isolation centres in Cape Coast  unfortunate – Dr. Elizabeth Agyare

Brouhaha over isolation centres in Cape Coast  unfortunate – Dr. Elizabeth Agyare
Cape Coast, 20th April, 2020
An Infectious Disease Expert of the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital Dr. Elizabeth Agyare has said the panic, fear and resistance against some areas earmarked Isolation Centre was uninformed and unfortunate.
She explained that an isolation centre is a place where people who have had contact with a confirmed case are kept and tested to know one’s status pending results for Covid-19. She emphasised that “an isolation centre isn’t a treatment centre. Treatments are done in hospitals”.
When asked about her views on whether it was good for the President to remove the lockdown on Greater Kumasi and Accra, she answered that it could both be yes and no. She continued that no because there was a possibility of the disease spreading among others after the lockdown but yes because there a lot more test centres which could help test, trace and isolate persons who have the disease and treat them accordingly.
Dr. Elizabeth Agyare was speaking on Central Morning Show on GBC Radio Central today Monday 20th April, 2020 hosted by Ben Nartey.
Responding to whether coronavirus was a death sentence, she said no it wasn’t a death sentence because coronavirus patients can recover and be normal. No need for panic. She further explained that eventhough coronavirus has no cure, God in His infinite wisdom has given us immune system. Some people have very strong immune system and the stronger the immune system, it was highly possible for that person to recover. He added that, there drugs that were being use to treat the various symptoms exhibited by coronavirus victims and so there was no need for panic.
In answering a question from the host, as to the present condition of the coronavirus patient in Cape Coast, she said, “patient is doing fine”.
Dr. Agyare went on to advise that even though we all love to go to Church and worship, these are not normal times and we should hold on for a while including going to the mosque. She gave an example of South Korea where a church didn’t believe in Covid-19 and didn’t adhere to safety protocols and they become one of the major spread factors of the disease in that country. “The church is us and where two or three are gathered God is in their midst. We can all stay home and worship our maker”.
In responding to how the medicines work against coronavirus she said that cannot be explained but they believe it might work against how the virus works in the human system. After that the body continues its work and the patient recovers.


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