Can We Abolish That Ministry? Kofi Bentil Calls for the collapse Dan Botwe’s Ministry


Vice President of Policy think tank IMANI Ghana Kofi Bentil has called for the abolishment of the Ministry of Regional Reorganisation and Development which was charged with the responsibility of supervising the creation of new Regions in Ghana.

According Mr. Bentil, in the face of all the irregularities and wide spread allegations of rigging in some voting center of the newly created regions, it is time to move forward by abolishing the Ministry to save scare resources.

In a twitter post, Mr. Bentil writes, “every serious election analyst knows that turnouts above 85% only happen in funny elections. Anyway let’s move on. Can we abolish that Ministry?”

It may be recalled that in 2017, President Nana Akuffu-Addo established the Ministry of Regional Reorganisation and charged it with the responsibility of supervising the Creation of new regions in Ghana which was one of the major campaign promises of the New Patriotic Party. At the time, the wide held view was that the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development was capable of handling the task for which a new ministry was being created since it is the Ministry responsible and Mandated by law to supervise the activities of local governance systems and structures.

With the referendum held on 27th December and the six new Regions created, the question that lingers on most minds is what next for the Ministry that Mr. Dan Botwe leads.

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