Can Exercising Your Vagina Lead to Stronger Orgasms?

You might have a personal trainer at your gym who guides you through an individualized workout, measures your progress, and keeps you on track. And now, there’s one that will do the same for your vagina.

Okay, so it’s not a human trainer, but the Swedish sex toy brand LELO has come up with a tool that is supposed to help you get your Kegel workout on and put you on the path to an orgasm-filled future.

According to a survey by the sex toy company, 76 percent of women report having orgasms lasting six seconds or less. Plus, 11 percent of women surveyed said they have never experienced what they would consider a climax and only a measly 4 percent said they were fully satisfied with their orgasms. Obviously, this is not ideal.

To solve that issue, the company created a product called the Luna Smart Bead that is supposed to measure your “orgasm potential,” (though it’s not super-clear what that means) and then guide you through a customized Kegel routine created for your current level of pelvic floor strength, which is kind of cool. Over time, the company claims, the exercises will get tougher so that you can keep toning your vagina and (hopefully) increasing the intensity of your orgasms.

But does a solid Kegel sesh actually translate to record-breaking, mind-blowing orgasms? Well, sort of, says Jennifer R. Berman, M.D., a urologist, sexual health expert, and co-host of The Doctors. Increasing pelvic floor strength helps you get a better grip around his penis, which increases surface contact between your vagina and his unit. And it can enhance sensation, since those strong muscles become engorged with blood, which brings nerves closer to the surface, says Berman.

So yes, stronger pelvic floor muscles can really give you stronger orgasms. That said, the physical side of sex isn’t the only thing impacting your ability to have a really amazing climax, says Berman.

“There is so much involved. Reflexes, hormones, and emotions are all things that come into play with achieving orgasm,” says Berman. In other words, the strength of your orgasms isn’t completely dependent on how strong your pelvic floor muscles are.

While it can’t hurt to flex those Kegels (whether it’s with a personal vagina trainer or not), the results aren’t guaranteed, says Berman. “If you do it on a daily basis, you might see results over time. Some women notice dramatic changes and some can’t tell one way or the other,” she says. But by all means, go ahead and flex.


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