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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Canadian Girls Important Over Tadi Kidnapped Girls

Kinapped Canadians retrieved and Ghana remain safe_Government to Foreigners
What a foolish and stupid newspaper headline and message to the public. 
TADI girls missing for months, the security agencies doesn’t even know their whereabouts and not to talk of retrieving them.
Canadians girls missing for less than a week, they are retrieved with the same security agencies with Canadians experts in support.
Now you want us to celebrate you for that, nonsense, I’m a proud Ghanaian and I value my fellow Ghanaians first before any other, although I respect every citizen(foreigner) in Ghana and beyond.
Retrieving kidnapped Canadians girls was made priority over my colleague Ghanaians citizen and retrieving Canadians girls have made Ghana safe without even a comment about TADI kidnapped girls.
Fellow Ghanaians, time to introspect about who our leaders have taken us for, no wonder the speech of Vladimir Putin (of Russian President) about Africans is the very truth about us. I shall be back, until then, bye.
Abdul-Razak Mohammed Hardi
A concerned Ghanaian

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