Can’t we adopt sharia law for rape and child defilement? – DKB asks


The whole nation’s attention was drawn by a 4 year old girl who was defiled and the chief set the offender free claiming the god’s find him innocent. Every one took to social media to show their displeasure about the verdict that started a campaign dubbed #Justice4Her.
King of Comedy, DKB, has added his voice and said that it is time Ghana adopted the sharia law for such sex offence. He believes if we put in place such specific laws, it would serve as deterrent for any other person to think twice about these ungodly offenses.
“Sharia law might be crude and extreme but thinking about it, it serves the culprit the same diner he served the victim. If your manhood is cut off for defiling a 4year old to the point of needing surgery, you will get to understand what you also put the victim’s life into” he added.
He further said “The reason I chose sharia law for sex offence is because it is a no excuse kind of law which invoents that would prevent perpetrators of crimes such as defilement and rape. It is very unfortunate the chief allowed the offender go free on grounds that the 4 year old was dressed provocatively. If that is so, then robbers should also be set free because those they robbed us for having things that attract them. I believe if this law is adopted specifically for such offences, it will cut down these acts” he said.
Sharia law is a religious law forming part of the Islamic faith, practiced majorly in the middle-east and parts of Africa.

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