You can’t be with professional liars and not expect lies – Lydia Forson teases ‘brokenhearted’ Derby


Actress Lydia Forson has waded into the current discussion on Medikal’s decision to jilt Sister Derby for Fella Makafui.

The actress in a post on Twitter mentioned that clearly, the relationship wouldn’t have worked since Medikal lies for a living.

She said “you can’t be with someone who woefully lies for a living and not thinks they won’t lie to you. Aden wa da anaa abowaa. I’m the kind of friend that will laugh with you and AT you! Siiiiiaaaaaaaaaa next time”.

Medikal and Sister Derby have dominated headlines for the last two weeks after reports indicated that their four years relationship was over.

Medikal has made the world aware of the fact that he is currently dating Fella Makafui and is very happy to be with her.

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