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Captain Smart exposes Ghanaian pastor who he saw burying cow head in his church, video drops

Ace broadcaster and activist Captain Smart has mentioned that a lot of Ghanaian pastors have affiliation with the Devil as he himself has personally seen one pastor doing the unthinkable to fortify himself spiritually.

In an interview on Onua FM, the outspoken TV and radio personality said some pastors bury dogs, birds and other animals in their church. He then narrated a story of a Ghanaian pastor who buried the head of a cow in his church to make him powerful spiritually.

Per his narration, he said this pastor placed the cow’s head in a casket and buried it in the middle of his church. His dad these juju rituals manifest in the strange languages they speak during their fake miracles in churches which they brand as ‘tongues.’

Captain Smart also added that when musicians perform in this very church, their careers die off slowly.




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