Captain Smart writes: Otumfuo’s 2016 election comment

Otumfour delivered the most powerful speech and they're taken only a portion to fight over.

What’s the big deal in Oumfour adding his voice to a losing candidate to throw in the towel.

Maybe because of the relationship between them. Do we know the people who might have called Nana Addo in 2008 and 2012 when he lost? Who called Prof. Mills in 2000 and 2004?.

Who called JA Kufour in 1996?. Maybe if The Prof. Adu Boahene led-NPP had had such a godly counsel they wouldn’t have abandoned parliament. That is political selfishness.

As people, we have to know simple political advances and individual contributions towards political stability and stop political stupidity.

We have gold, diamond, timber, bauxite, oil, manganese, very fertile land and more yet Ghanaians are poor, most are useless and desponded. We can’t finance our education let alone health. Everything has gone out of gear. Political leaders do not care about this but to throw away 99.8% of my King’s speech and concentrate on only 0.2% as if they have all lost their brains. This whole stupidity is a call on the youth to rise and rescue Ghana.

This has confirmed my suspicion that the NDC and NPP are just nothing but a useless congregation of idiots.


Captain Smart

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