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Artiste Manager, Lawrence Nana Asiamah widely known as Bulldog was granted bail after he was picked up by BNI for threatening President Akufo-Addo on live TV. This comes after his arrest on 11th January.

Bulldog confirmed he was arrested for his words on United Showbiz last Saturday during an interview on Okay FM yesterday.

The artiste manager speaking on United Showbiz on UTV opined that the youth in the country would have been making good money for themselves if Akufo-Addo did not collapse Menzgold.

“He is only collapsing jobs and banks and has made me lose my investments with Menzgold”.

Bulldog in his way of threat said, “If Nana Addo doesn’t pay the Menzgold customers, he won’t finish his 4 years term”.

Well, in his first interview after his release the manager also said that his intention wasn’t to threaten the president but he was only making a case for aggrieved customers of the collapsed Nam 1’s Menzgold.

He apologized again for his comment although he insisted that wasn’t what he meant.

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