Check your testicles regularly for lumps – Medical doctor encourages men


A medical practitioner, Dr Elorm Setsoafia, has encouraged men to as a matter of urgency, visit the hospital with unusual sensations, heaviness, hardness and growths they feel in their testicles since such observations could be symptoms of testicular cancer.

He said testicular cancer can develop in males when a group of cells in the testicles grow at their own rate or in an unusual manner.

He noted that, in most cases, the cancer is asymptomatic and can, therefore, spread easily to other parts of the body, “that is why it is important for men to also check for lumps in their testicles as frequently as possible” he stressed.

According to him, testicular can be cured completely when caught early and that is why it is important for men to report such observations early.

He added that, even though cancer can develop in men of any age bracket, males between the ages of eighteen to forty are at higher risk of developing it.

Dr Elorm Setsoafia made these comments on #StayAlive segment of HSTV’s Morning Show, #HealthyMorning, talking to HSTV’s Cecilia Anno-Barnieh about testicular cancer: risk factors and treatments.

Source: HSTV News

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