Chereponi Clashes: Weapons used appear more expensive than buildings in the area – Randy Abbey


Host of Metro TV’s “Good Morning Ghana” Randy Abbey says he believes there are certain influential figures who are involved in the violence at Chereponi as the weapons used appear more expensive which the local people may not be able to afford.

Mr Abbey insisted that indigenes within the Chereponi District are not people of a rich class but they use weapons which appear very expensive than their buildings.

“The ammunition used in violence appears more expensive than the buildings within these areas”

“These areas are known to be poverty zones, schools, clinics and businesses will all be affected by these violence”

“All these increases the poverty there but you look at the ammunition used and it cost more than their buildings, so I believe there are certain influential people in there” he spoke on NewsFile on Joy FM”.

The Chereponi violence is as a result of a misunderstanding between the Konkombas and Chekosis.

The outbreak of violence is the second in the past three months as Chereponi residents opened the New Year with old violence.

The armed struggle is over ownership of land believed to be nothing more than two acres but with ancestral significance.

Chereponi is a Konkomba-dominated district. Chokosis, seen by the majority Konkombas as settlers, are a minority.

The two factions have been in a conflict that has claimed two lives and hundreds of others displaced despite maintained police and military persons in the area.

New Yaa-Naa of Dagbon, Mahama Abukari II, has issued a 10-day ultimatum to paramount chiefs of Saboba and Chereponi to stop the ongoing violence between the Konkombas and Chokosis.

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