You only condemn NDC but never NPP – Angry Mahama attacks opinion leaders in wild video


Former president John Mahama is not a happy man right now after he was severely condemned for a “violent” comment he made.

The Peace Council and other individuals strongly criticised him for saying that the NDC could match the NPP “boot for boot” when it comes to unleashing violence. The chairman of the council, Rev. Emmanuel Asante, called on Mahama to retract his statement and apologise.

But the former president said that to be condemned by the Peace Council and other individual opinion leaders is hypocritical. In a video sighted by on the Facebook page of Yayra Koku, Mahama said it was unfortunate that the “so-called” opinion leaders only find their voice of condemnation when the NDC is in power. But when the NPP is in power, they keep quiet and pretend that everything is fine and there is no problem, Mahama decried. He mentioned no names but reiterated that those opinion leaders think the NPP would be in power forever.

“Anytime the NDC is in power, they are always very vocal. When something happens, they say it is wrong and they are condemning it. But as soon as their preferred government [NPP] comes into power, everything is right. Family and friends [government] is okay as long as they are qualified,” Mahama said angrily.

“You think NPP will be in power forever?” he rhetorically chided the opinion leaders. He was speaking with NDC supporters in the Adaklu Constituency in the Volta Region where he was on a tour.

"The problem in Ghana is the hypocrisy of some of our opinion leaders. Anytime NDC is in power they are very vocal and condemn everything. But as soon as their preferred government comes to power, everything is right for them".

Posted by Yayra Koku on Saturday, February 2, 2019

Mahama had earlier condemned a bloody attack on some NDC supporters and members at the just ended Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election. They were given severe beatings, including Sam George, causing the NDC to pull out of the by-election. Mahama was not happy about the treatment meted out to the NDC and threatened that the NDC could be more violent and that no party could stand it when it decides to go that way. The former president revealed how disappointed he was in the Peace Council and other bodies which did not condemn the attack on the NDC, but rather condemned him for his “boot for boot” comments.

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