Congo church heals members by a sip of beer

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“I believe beer can heal, if you drink it with faith,” says Kondi Jean- Jacques a member of the Congo-based Louzolo Amour Church.

In the year 2017, the Africa News introduced the worship center located in Pointe Noire as a place where it is believed that consuming beer can cast out demons.

Due to its unique style of miracle, believers in the Christian faith have turned to the church for help concerning different forms of affliction.

According to Jean- Jacques, he received good health when he was sick after taking sips of beer offered by a church leader.

This strengthened his belief in the church.

“I arrived here sick, brother Mikoungui gave me a bottle of beer, I drank a first sip, and a second, at the third one, I went into a trance, I then felt better,” he said.

The church which has close to 5,000 members has gained attention from all corners of Congo.

Africa News also reported that the government of the country has found it difficult to control its activities due to a high increase in popularity.

“What we want to share with the world, is that we found a person who has the three characteristics of God, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

“That man is Guy Emile loufoua Cetikouabo. He was born without a navel, and that defies science,” a church member, Charles Mikoungui Loundou, an ardent worshipper at the Louzolo Amour Church.

The Louzolo Amour church has a strong following in Congo-based Louzolo Amour Church heals members by a sip of beer. (Press)

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