Coronavirus: I never predicted total lockdown in Ghana – GMA President

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The President of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr Frank Ankobea has denied reports that he has confirmed the possibility of another lockdown following the surge of COVID-19 active cases.

Today’s edition of the Chronicle newspaper titled “Total lockdown imminent – GMA Prez” said “personnel of the health sector were becoming increasingly worried over the cases, insisting a lockdown would be the ultimate solution if all measures fail”, attributing it to Dr Ankobea.

However, in an interview on Peace FM morning show ‘Kokrokoo’, the GMA president denied making such claims saying: “The cases are indeed increasing but I never said it will lead to a total lockdown. That isn’t what I said…I only said education is important. Moreover, it’s not our work to bring a lockdown, I wouldn’t even suggest it”

Listen to him in the video below:


Source: Peace FM

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