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Hot: Corruption Alert at Ghana Education Service

A Basic School Teacher by name Kyei Joshua, vacated his post as a teacher to pursue a Pastoral profession in April 2017.
Two years down the line he returned to the Headmistress of the School Madam Agnes Nifah  to help him retrieve his two years on non working salary by the validating him. But based on the note the Circuit Supervisor wrote in the supervision log book that he the teacher in question should not be validated, the Headmistress refused to validate him.
However, the June 2019 Payment Voucher of the course center indicate that Ghc48215.29 has been paid to Mr. Joshua Kyei. Approved payment.
So the question here is who validated the gentleman who haven’t work for any school for the past 2 years? And on which PV was he validated since the Headmistress of Assin Fosu Methodist Basic School did not authorize it?
I proceeded my investigations to the Teacher in question Mr. Kyei Joshua by asking him who validated or assisted him in his validation? This is what he had to say:
“I went to the GES office at Assin Fosu and consulted the education director Mr. Joseph Rockson Asante to be reactivated, since I haven’t work for 2 years. The Director gave me a cover letter to the Accountant General’s office at Accra for further Assistance.”
So Who assisted you in the validations? I queried. “Actually I don’t know who did it but  I believe its Nana Kuntuo Asare since he’s the District Validator at the GES office at Assin Fosu.
Did you Worth to be paid such huge amount of money, that is ¢48215.29 since you haven’t worked for the government in two solid years whiles you vacated your post as a teacher to pursued your personal profession as a pastor? I asked.
“Though I don’t qualify to take that money but the issue is my name wasn’t deleted so I went for reactivation, that is when I pleaded with the director to help me get the two years salary. But the Education Director, in the Person of Mr Joseph Rockson Asante insisted but rather siad he can only help me to get a 4 months salary but it was mistakenly paid 2 years into my account.” He said.
The issue was getting interesting since names have been popping up in the floating of the very Story, I ought to consult them to seek their side. I furthered my investigations to *Nana* *Kuntuo Asare* who the teacher in question mentioned that he allegedly helped him in the validation.
I asked, did you know the teacher you helped don’t qualify to take a penny from government since he hasn’t worked for the government for the past 2 years? He said,
“I only assisted him on humanitarian grounds by taken him to the Director to reactivate him but I am not responsible for his validation so I don’t actually know who validated unless I see the payment Voucher(PV) that is when I can categorically know who did it. But I repeat I helped him on only Humanitarian grounds which I didn’t take 10 pessewas from him.” Kuntuo reiterated.
I asked myself that, as people whom  we’ve have  been employed to work for the state can help Helps on Humanitarian grounds for people who doesn’t work for the country, or a person who have vacated his post for the past two years to retrieve ¢48215.29 from the government coffers, then are we not nakedly walking? And does this not boiled down to corruption as it has been a canker on the neck of Ghana?
If it were your pocket money would you have paid it on humanitarian grounds?
Are we not having street childrens that Worth to be care for on Humanitarian grounds? I rhetorically asked.
I was getting wagging Where the story was trending because the Circuit supervisor then,  that is in the person of Mr Sadick T. Agyei also told me in a conversation that, the only thing he know about this story is that he only wrote in the log book of the school that the Headmistress should not Validate the Teacher, that was 27th June 2017.
He added that “It will be very stupid for someone to implicate me in this story. Because I am not the Educational Director, I cannot not authorize payments. The Director is there he have a question to answer not me. I am only circuit Supervisor and wasn’t consulted when this huge amount of money was paying to the gentleman. I even don’t know the guy is still in the District!
He must be arrested and answer questions, you can report it to the CID,CHRAJ,EOCO or the AUDITOR GENERAL. it will be stupid to Associate me with corruption, I am a poor boy and I am faithfully working for my country” The CS told me.
The story was conundrumly crumbling. Every body was running away from the story meanwhile 48215.29 has been paid to a known account of Mr. Joshua Kyei who is not a teacher now. That’s my layman point of view because he is not working as a teacher for the past Two years.
This story mustn’t end prematurely because it is human beings who helped him to get the money. The Education Director have questions to answer at this point.
Director please in which ways do you know Mr. Joshua Kyei? I questioned.
“He came to me with the accompany of my district Validator Nana Kuntuo Asare, pleading on his behalf that his salary has been blocked for two years. So I gave him a letter to National Office, and he was able to to be reactivated. I am hearing that he has been over paid so I am going to the ADB Bank I am told that’s Where his account is to see if truly he has received such amount of money.”
I then told the Director that the documents holding me confirms he has been paid.
The question still stands that on what basis does the Teacher worth to be paid a dime since he hasn’t work for 2 years?
On what PV was he validated since the Headmistress of Assin Fosu Methodist M/A Basic School has denied of the Validation?
If His name appears to be on the GES office PV, on what basis that his name ought to be there since he doesn’t work there?
Who then Validated him? Because Nana Kuntuo Asare has denied he did the validation but he only assisted him to be reactivated on Humanitarian grounds.
Does he worth to be taken a penny from government?
Who are the people who helped him to dupe the Nation?
Do they have a share in the money?
More to follow………


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