COVID-19: 5 Nurses At Jacobu Hospital Test Positive

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Five nurses at the St Peter’s Hospital in Jacobu in the Amansie Central District in the Ashanti Region have tested positive for the novel COVID-19.

Some Medical Doctors, we understand, have also been exposed to the disease.

The Ashanti Region is the second region that has been infected with the disease.

The Ashanti region has so far recorded 2,275 cases with about 14 deaths.

Below is the full regional breakdown:

Greater Accra Region – 7,170

Ashanti Region – 2,275

Western Region – 993

Central Region – 694

Volta Region – 274

Eastern Region – 246

Upper East Region – 241

Oti Region – 97

Western North Region – 81

Northern Region – 37

Savannah Region – 35

Upper West Region – 32

Bono East Region – 14

North East Region – 2

Bono Region – 1

Ahafo Region – 1


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