Covid-19: FDA Approves “Kingdom Garlic Capsules” As An Immune Booster

The Food and Drugs Authority, (FDA) has approved Kingdom Garlic Capsule as an immune Booster supplement for the fight on coronavirus.

Jonathan Amofa, the Chief Executive Officer of Kingdom Group confirmed this on Facebook Monday night that “KINGDOM Garlic capsules have been approved by the researchers on COVID to support the immune systems.”

This comes days after the FDA ordered the recall of COA-FS food supplement from the market Stating that it has identified E.Coli contaminants in some of the samples. This was when manufacturers of COA-FS have come out in the media that the supplement could help boost the immune system of Covid-19 patients to facilitate their recoveries.

Producers of COA FS drug, Centre of Awareness Global Peace Mission, have meanwhile, challenged assertions by the Food and Drugs Authority that their product is harmful for public consumption.


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