COVID-19: How to kill the virus in just 4 days

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Coronavirus has taken many lives and it has been the major global issue countries are trying their best to overcome.

Treatments are ongoing and most countries are alleged to be using a traditional approach to healing Covid-19.

According to Tahir Mahmoud Chaudhry, executive director of Ovex Technologies Pakistan, a certain country is not taking any vaccine for Corona Virus but rather they kill the virus using heat.

In his post sighted on a social media, most household in China has a Corona Virus case and most are taking their treatments home.

In his post sighted on social media,

very hot steam inhalation from kettle 4 times a day.Hot gargles 4 times a day, Hot tea 4 times a day, the virus dies in 4days. 5th day you are Corona Negative. Take care”

This is a translation from an Indian living in Wuhan according to the post sighted on social media.

Well we can try this at home and see how it will work.

To date, there is no medicine or vaccines specifically for Covid-19, but treatments are being investigated and clinical trial testings are on going to find a medicine or vaccine for Covid-19.

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