Criss Waddle ordered to appear before court

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Ghanaian musician and business man Criss Kweku Waddle has been given a notice to appear before court.

The court notice isn’t a mere one but a subpoena, a writ ordering a person appear before court to testify or defend himself.

Failure to adhere to a court subpoena is contempt of court which comes with sanctions.

According to Criss Waddle, the case has to do with someone using a fake social media account impersonating him.

This fake account has apparently scammed the plaintiff. To Criss Waddle’s defence, his social media accounts are verified and the fake one used by an unknown person to scam isn’t verified.

I can’t believe that I’ve been subpoenaed to court to answer to a judge over something that has nothing to do with me,If my page is verified and a none verified page does something,why should I be the one to be subpoenaed?



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