Crossing dangerous Madina highway is like sleeping in a coffin- Residents moan; burn tyres in protest over deaths


A young lady in her late 20s was knocked down and killed by a speeding vehicle at Adenta  SDA  on  Madina – Adenta highway, around 9pm while attempting to cross the road on Friday night, can confirm.

According to an eyewitness who only gave her name as Jennifer Ansah to, after the deceased was knocked, she was left on the road for more than one hour, though police personnel arrived at the scene very early, they did not pick the body for an unexplained reason.

She said crossing the street in the area is like walking into a coffin and called on government to take actions.

The situation angered and compelled the residents to block the highway by burning vehicle tyres at both sides to register their displeasure over how dangerous crossing Adenta-Madina dual carriage highway has become and claiming lives of their beloved ones on daily basis.

It took joint military and police personnel who were deployed to maintain law and order at the scene to calm the angry residents, quenched the fire and paved way for vehicular movement.

Madam Jennifer lamented and disclosed that they are leaving in fear because they cannot cross  the road as there are no footbridges, streets lights and traffic lights have broken down and authorities not making any attempt to repair them

“This is not the first time, is not the second time… We cannot cross as there are no street lights and traffic lights… We are leaving in fear”, she disclosed.

The residents alleged, several complaints were made, but to no avail, because the authorities have turned deaf ear to their plights as they continue dying every day.

Meanwhile, on 29th October 2018 the residents of Adenta, Ritz junction, Madina and its environs at a town hall meeting gave the government a two-week ultimatum to complete the 6 footbridges on Adenta-Madina highway or have them to contend with.

Most residents were clad in red T-Shirts, with the phrase: #fixourfootbridgesnow, written in front and back, signifying their readiness to use all legal means to get the footbridges completed.


The dual carriage highway linking Madina and Adentan in the north-eastern part of Accra to the capital and the western parts of the country through the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange remains uncompleted.

The 5.6-kilometre road has delayed for about 10 years, as footbridges designed to ferry pedestrians safely across the speedways were abandoned in the course of the project’s execution.

The hanging footbridges mean thousands of people, especially children, risk getting knocked down by speeding vehicles on a daily basis.

An investigation carried out by in July this year, revealed the government of Ghana owes the China Water and Electrical Construction Limited, the company contracted to build the road, $45m and GHC 80m.

The cost is in respect of the Adenta road and some other construction works elsewhere in the country.

Member of Parliament for Madina, Boniface Abubakar Saddique, who doubles as minister of state in the office of Vice-President promised the government will pay the outstanding contract cost by October this year.

October has already passed and nothing has been done on the project.

Motorists and residents who ply the road say the situation poses a daily danger to their lives and have called for an immediate response to the challenge.

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