Dad inflicts deep wounds on 3-year-old son

A three-year-old boy is nursing several deep open wounds inflicted on him by his father on Sunday, May 10, 2020, with a wire and cane.


The father, who is currently in the grips of the police in the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi, where the abuse happened, vented his spleen on the little boy for being stubborn, wetting his bed and also being a financial burden on him, reported Class91.3FM’s regional correspondent Maxwell Attah on Tuesday.

Apart from his back, which is covered with deep open sores, the little boy also suffered injuries on other parts of his body from the merciless beatings at the hands of his father.

According to Maxwell Attah, the parents of the boy are separated and, so, each takes custody of him on different days.

The incident happened while the boy was spending the weekend with his father.

According to Maxwell Attah, the child’s mother broke up with her abusive boyfriend after she gave birth to their son.


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