Damba Festival: Musketeer shoots celebrant in the eye

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A musketeer has been arrested by the police for directing a gunshot to the eye of a celebrant during this year’s Damba Festival.

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In his report on Okay FM monitored by GhanaWeb, Alhassan Abdul Washid explained that “It was a three-day event and yesterday (Thursday, November 5, 2020) was the last day. The final event called the Belklusi was commemorated.”

He mentioned that the day is observed with the display of guns. As he put it, “It has to do with the local warriors (Sapashini) firing locally manufactured pistols and short arms into the air.”

“Idrissu Abdul-Kabiru, a ‘Sapashini’ who was also part of those firing the musketry, unfortunately, didn’t lift his gun up enough. He just fired it and, in the process, hit one Rama, aged between 14 and 16 years in the right eye.

Washid mentioned that the victim has been admitted to a hospital and is receiving treatment. Abdul-Wahab on the other hand has been arrested by the police to assist in the investigation.


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