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Let the fruit of your womb enjoy your hard labor – Fan tells Delay, here is her response

A follower of Delores Frimpong Manson known in showbiz as Delay has passed comment on her post which has pissed off Delay forcing her to react to the comment by pumping some sense into the follower.

This morning, Delay posted images of some of her delay products such as Delay Mackerel, Delay Sardine, and Delay Spaghetti, etc. In the comment section, a follower spoke about her status as a woman which turned out to be unpleasant.

The follower identified as Comfort Anyave with the username @canyave told delay in the comment section that in as much as she is working hard, she is doing a stupid and fruitless work if she does not give birth or marry.

Comfort Anyave claims that the entrepreneur/media personality should “Let the fruit of her womb enjoy her hard labor” and that even if she does not want to marry, she should give birth or else all her hard work will be for nothing and it will be in vain.

She went on to advise Delay that even if she doesn’t want to marry, she should give birth to one or two kids so that they can enjoy her labor.

Comfort Anyave wrote under Delay’s post promoting her delay products:

“Let the fruits of your womb enjoy your hard labor my dear sister because after all his hard works if you don’t have kids who will enjoy it, it will be working in vain. If you don’t want to marry koraa a kid or two will do. My humble opinion”

Well, the comment did not sit well with most of Delay’s followers who quickly responded. Many of them were shocked that a woman could be this respectful and arrogant to Delay when she herself is not even married.

Besides that, many of the followers explained to her that marriage is not the end of life. The fact that a person is married does not mean she will automatically be happy in life.

Delay has finally reacted to the rude comment disguised as advice to her. Just like the others, Delay is also surprised that a fellow woman could be so insensitive to another woman.

She explained to the obvious naive lady that the most important thing in life is making a positive mark on humanity.

Delay mentioned Oprah Winfrey who has no child but is a successful woman whom the world has benefited immensely from as an example of living for a higher purpose.

Delay responded wrote:

“I posted a picture of the Delay Product this morning and a lady wrote this comment which I find very unfortunate and sad. It’s very insensitive especially coming from a woman. People forget about the fact that there are women out there who are facing fertility issues.

If you have a womb, it’s not guaranteed that you will have children. Marriage and childbirth are all Blessings from God. @canyave you may have children, @oprah doesn’t have any, but you haven’t made an impact in the world than her”!



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