The Concerned Residents of Kasoa – CP wish to express our displeasure with the continued delay in opening the Polyclinic.

The clinic contract awarded on 15th June 2015, was part of the main Kasoa interchange and auxiliary projects. The construction works by the sub-contractor, Ghana-UK Company, commenced in July 2016 and was completed in March 2017 and thereon handed over in July 2018 with funding from the Government of Ghana through a loan from Brazil.

The clinic is a state of the art 80-bed capacity clinic with an emergency center, females and males separate wards, children ward, VIP ward including an intensive care ward, a laboratory, a theater, x-ray facility, a pharmacy, an out-patient-department (OPD), an administration block and mortuary.

Regrettably, the facility remains closed, a situation we the residents are very unhappy about, because of the wastage of the facility engulfed in overgrown weeds. We find it highly unacceptable that up till now, the Clinic that was announced to be open by the end of September 2018 remains locked for the mere reason (for not opening) given that the administration block was not or has not been tiled.

Such a reason for wasting the tax payers’ money at the peril of our sick and dying dependants is unthinkable. It goes without saying that Ghanaian tax payers will pay for the loan facility and the earlier the facility is put to use, the better it would be for all and sundry. This is the case because, in the absence of the clinic, residents are compelled to either queue at the congested 20-bed-limited-facilities old polyclinic or travel to Winneba, Korlebu, 37 etc for health care including emergencies that occur on the busy Kasoa highway, such as that of the deputy Communication Minister, George Andah’s near fatal accident. Lives are being lost needlessly due to this delay in opening the facility.

We are by this statement calling on the MP, the Municipal Chief Executive, the Ministry of Health and the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo to ensure that the facility is opened within 7 working days.

We the concerned residents wish to announce our plans to demonstrate against the continued closure if we do not hear anything positive from Government within 8 working days. All our appeals cannot fall on deaf ears. We will no longer remain spectators in this Municipality. We are citizens and we demand that our health rights and needs be taken care of, without fail.

Any further clarification on these matters should be directed at the following persons

Daniel Dotse, Leader – concerned Residents of Kasoa CP, 0242326653

Mohammed Abubakar, Secretary – Concerned residents of Kasoa CP, 0262572029

Issued by: Daniel Dotse

Dated: 7th November, 2018

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