The Deposition Of Chiefs – Dawda Eric

    The chieftaincy Act,2008(Act 759) particularly section 40 talks about the deposition of a chief. The word”deposition” means forced out of office when found liable by the judicial committee of the traditional council.
    From the above,the Act which created their office by definition makes every chief a public officer who has a duty to render account to the stool. The supreme court of Ghana in one of the land mark cases ruled that,our chiefs are not immuned when it comes to accountability. I have argued that, every single chief is a custodian when it comes to land(s) within their confinement.They are holding the lands in trust of the stool which is not their bona-fide.
    If Your chief sells a parcel of land,he is obliged to account to the people he serves. The money is not his. It becomes criminal for chiefs to sell parcels of  land and then keep the proceeds as if it is their personal benefit.
    Section 40 of the chieftaincy Act has provided in clear delineated terms without ambiguity the procedures for the deposition of a chief. Pocketing the proceeds of land as some people always do can constitute a fertile grounds and set in motion the processes for the deposition of a chief…
    Dawda Eric(Equity®)
    Citizen Vigilance for Justice
    23rd April,2019

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