Disband Political Vigilante Groups Now!!! Asokwa Concerned Youth Association Tells Governement

Following the president address on vigilantism at the SoNA and on independence day held at Temale, we the Asokwa Concerned Youth Association wishes to commend the first gentleman of the forth republic, H.E Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo on the effort put by him to bring to disband these vigilantes groups especially his instructions to the two major political parties to come to the table and disband these groups within a week.
Notwithstanding, we the Asokwa Concerned Youth Association (A.C.Y.A) believe that, time is overdue for the President to come in and use his constitutional powers to disband the vigilante groups since the leading parties are unwilling to come around the table to disband these groups. The activities of these vigilante groups are overwhelming that if care is not taken, will lead to political instability and insecurity.
We therefore stand with the minority views that there should be some agencies who could serve as moderators for the political parties as they sit to provide road map in stopping vigilantism. Over the weeks, there have been attacks and counter attacks from these leading political parties as to who should and who should not be involved in the discussion to disband these vigilante groups of which we believe should not be the case, we will plead on the president to listen to the minority concern to involve other stakeholders such as the Peace Council, NCCE and we believe former Heads of States to come around the table to discuss and disband these groups. Aside this, the president should look beyond the two major parties and involve all the political parties in the country, as when these  parties are not taken into consideration, we may visit this same issue in the future, we suggest that an MOU be signed among them which will restrict them and their involvement with these vigilante groups.
We are of the view that should the nod be given to these political parties, it will all come down to square one, as there will be blame games here and there as to who is doing the right thing or not, we members of A.C.Y.A are of the view that broader consultation be made to bring vigilantism to a stop.
Another measure that we would like to recommend towards the disbandment of these groups is that the sovereignty of the national police be upheld, the security personnel should be given the full power to enforce the rule of law to another person or groups that will misbehave during elections of any form, we also urge the government to put up accurate measures to help those people who were part of the vigilante groups so that they will distance themselves from political parties who  will take their leniency as their weakness and lead them into unlawful act against the constitution of the country.

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