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Dissolve Free SHS, The Beneficiaries Are Ungrateful – Akua Donkor’s Aide

I am really enraged and saddened by the insults some of the Free SHS beneficiaries have rained on you, Mr. President.
We are all aware you implemented this policy to help these ‘ungrateful’ students become personages in the future but these students have really shown that they don’t appreciate your untiring effort.
If they have an idea about how some of us [very brilliant but needy] struggled 7years ago before completing our Senior High Education, they would have comported themselves and enjoyed this Education Policy you have implemented.
You implemented this policy to give them a better future but they are behaving like they have an option if free SHS is canceled.
Mr. President, if these children respect their parents and can’t use those words on them, then allow their parents to sponsor their education because they can’t disrespect your outfit and expect you to sponsor their education.
Please stop wasting your time and our resources on these children and use them for something profitable.

Thank you!
Olumanba Akwasi Kesse
(Special Aide to Madam Akua Donkor)

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