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Divorce Destroys a Nation; Don’t Divorce your Spouse – Lawyer Ampaw Cautions

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Cape Coast 2nd November, 2020, Private legal practitioner, Maurice has cautioned couples never to entertain the idea of divorce since it affects the foundation of a nation.

He explained that marriage sustains a family and the family is the foundation of every nation. “When people get divorced it affects the fabric of the family and thereby affects the nation’s foundation” he stated.

Lawyer Ampaw explained further that, divorce is a very expensive venture which enriches the pockets of lawyers. “A lawyer shall charge a minimum of 10,000 or 15,000 to as high as 100,000 depending on the property at stake in the divorce case”.

According to him, divorce litigation takes a longer time to be adjudicated upon. This saps the energy of the couples involved and also wastes a lot of time due to its numerous adjournments. “Don’t divorce your wife or husband but try and patch up”. “It is legally permissible but I shall not advise anyone to divorce his or her spouse” he added.

He recounted his personal experience where as a son of a former cabinet minister and a member of parliament, he and his mother had to be hawking at Sukura a suburb of Accra. All this happened to me because of divorce. “I’ve gone through a lot due to my mother divorcing my father and it was a bitter experience”. He added that, men who get divorced by their wives normally become bitter and don’t cater for their children and that affects their growth and development.

Mr. Ampaw however outline some three main reasons upon which a woman can divorce her husband. “One, if a man persistently physically assaults his wife, two, if a man threatens to kill you because he doesn’t love you anymore and three, if a man doesn’t take of you”. “If these things happen then a woman can seek for divorce” he stated.

He was speaking to Nana Adwoa Nelson Aweh on the programme “Mmra Ne Abrabɔ Mu Nsɛm” on Wontumi television today Sunday, 1st November, 2020.

He ended by advising all couples to try and avoid divorce and try hard to iron out all difficulties that may arise. “God abhors divorce and I can only tell others to be careful since divorce doesn’t help anyone” he ended.

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