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Does the EC have anything to hide in the December 17 referendum?

An article sighted by My News Ghana on social media has raised certain pertinent concerns over the upcoming referendum on December 17.

According to the writer who is unknown, the Electoral Commission  (EC) seems to be playing ‘game’s with the minds of Ghanaians by not clarifying the content of a supposed Bill Ghanaians would be voting for or against.

The National Commission for Civic Education  (NCCE), yesterday came out that the December 17 referendum was not to vote for the approval of partisan election of MMDCEs and other local government authorities but rather to vote to amend a Clause in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

As it stands now the NCCE has not educated Ghanaians on the content and meaning of the said Clause to be amended and many have expressed concerns about that saying that you can’t vote for or against something you do mot understand.

The article suggests a ‘conspiracy’ by politicians and the Electoral Commission  (EC) of Ghana.

Read the full article below:


Voters must be very careful and ensure that they thoroughly understand what is being asked under the referendum.

From the discussions we had a few days ago, I realise that most people are thinking that the whole exercise is to determine whether DCEs should be elected or appointed (as currently is the situation). So their natural response is to vote YES (for DCEs to be elected). But WRONG!!! THAT IS NOT WHAT IS BEING ASKED!!!


The actual question being asked of us is stated right there on the poster for the notification of the referendum and it states: “Are you in favour of the bill to amend Clause 3 of Article 55 of the 1992 Constitution to allow POLITICAL PARTIES TO SPONSOR CANDIDATES FOR ELECTION to District Assemblies or Lower Local Government Units?”
So, all that the referendum is asking is whether district-level elections must be partisan or not? It is NOT whether we should elect or appoint them!!! But to deceive you and I, that important introductory statement is not made prominent (almost concealed).

Another critical look at the referendum question will reveal that the question is in reference to a “Bill” and it is asking if you are in favour of the “bill” …… etc. If you answer YES, it means you are IN FAVOUR OF THE BILL!!! And, in effect saying that you agree that political parties must take over the process even at the district level as is done for the Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

But the next question to guide your decision is this: What “bill” is the referendum question refering to? Have we seen that “bill” ? What is contained in the “bill” ?

So if you say YES, then you are in effect saying that YOU ARE IN FAVOUR OF THE BILL (which you have not seen). So, after the YES wins the day then they will bring out the “bill” and the content definitely, most definitely, will not be favourable to us but will be too late to change. We will have only ourselves to blame.



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