Dog tied to a tree and raped to death


Humane Society International is offering R5,000 as the reward for information that could lead to the arrest of the perpetrators.

Reports indicate that some South Africans are now taking more delight in raping animals than humans.

The questionable shift from human rape to animal rape has apparently reached crescendo, as animal rights activists have waged a serious war against the act.

The website in its report chronicled some of the remarkable incidents.


It stated for instance that, a Pretoria woman was once found guilty of having sex with two dogs just as a Transkei man was jailed for 12 months without an option for fine when he sexed a sheep.

Also, while some Grahamstown youth were busted gang raping a dog, a Mpumalanga man was shot while he was resisting arrest after he was nabbed mating a pig.

In the latest case in which a dog was allegedly tied to a tree and raped to death, Humane Society International believes the pervs involved committed the act on the 2nd or 3rd of August. The incident happened in Struisbaai North at Western Cape province.

Executive director of the organisation, Audrey Delsink is reported to have said that “The person or people involved in the crime had tied the dog to a tree from his neck, presumably to restrain him during the act. The dog was left hanging on the tree, and he succumbed to his injuries.”

He further revealed that local authorities had removed the dog, documented evidence and that the Struisbaai police are currently investigating the case.

“The rape of a dog by humans is a particularly heinous example of cruelty to animals and law enforcement must aggressively investigate and prosecute such a crime,” Delsink charged.

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