Dompem-Pepesa turns into state of mourning after Chief was spotted in wheelchair

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Correspondence from Western Region:

Dompem, a community in the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality of the Western Region, turned into a state of mourning when a Divisional Chief, Ohyeawora Bian Nyonwah IV, stormed the town in a wheelchair.

The chief sustained various degrees of injuries when he was forced to jump out from a window together with his wife and 8 months baby after his residence was set ablaze by unknown assailants.

The confusion which took place at Dompem-Pepesa Palace in the Municipality of the Region when policemen together with court bailiffs on Wednesday, August 26, 2020, went to the Palace to execute the court order that is, the writ of possession against the supposed destooled Chief of Dompem-Pepesa.

The information has it that the policemen started throwing teargas and given several warning shots when the Chief (Ohyeawora Bian Nyonwah IV) refused to step down from his Palace to receive the writ.

After the throwing of teargas and warning shots, the Palace was set ablaze when the Chief, his wife, brothers as well as his eight-month-old baby was in a room upstairs of the place.

This forced the Chief, Ohyeawora Bian Nyonwah IV, who had gone for surgery for three weeks jumped from the window of the bathroom of the story-building.

The eight-month baby was also saved from the burning flames through the same opened window with support from the Chief’s brothers who also helped the wife to escape.

Ohyeawora Bian Nyonwah IV was rushed to Apinto Government Hospital in Tarkwa where he was admitted.

Arrival in a wheel chair

Following his discharge, the Chief decided to visit the community to have a look at what had happened to his Palace.

When he arrived in the town on Tuesday, September 1, 2020, in a wheel chair, people in the town including the young and aged started shedding tears and raining curses at the perpetrators.

Addressing the gathering and the press, Ohyeawora Bian Nyonwah IV accused the police of perpetrating the evil act against them and cursed them for the humiliation meted out to him.

“The fact that I don’t have money doesn’t mean my situation is bad. I thank the Police; the Commander says I pulled a gun, however, they should show me the gun that I used. I have done surgery on my butts, you all can see that. How can I pull a gun, I don’t have a gun. I haven’t smoked before, but the Police are claiming I smoke.

Divisional Commander says I burnt the palace. I can’t even walk because of the surgery done on my butts. May thunders above, and the gods strike all of them dead if what the police are saying is false.

I summon that police officer who claims I pulled a gun to the gods, he should rot before dying. I swear by the gods, he should rot before dying,” he said in tears.

All efforts to get any response from the police proved futile.

However, the Western Regional Minister who is the Chairman of Western Regional Security Council, Mr. Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah has ordered the police to protect the town.

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