Don’t enter into relationship if you can’t combine with academics – Students told

Students have been counselled with the necessary knowledge on how to effectively manage and combine campus relationships with their academics.

According to Joyce Okyerewaa Danso, the Founder of Career 101, it is better for students to desist from getting relationships while in school if they do not have the ability to blend it with their academic work.

She explained that there is nothing wrong with dating on campus, saying “it only becomes a problem when you begin to prioritise [the relationship] over [academics].”

“You need to choose a sensible person when going into a relationship because it only takes a sensible and matured person to understand your priorities to help you grow,” she added.

She continued: “If you are dating someone who doesn’t understand you and wants your attention all the time, then clearly your academic life would be affected so it’s about choosing right on campus but if you don’t have the capabilities to combine both then don’t combine it in the first place.”

She also cautioned students not to rush into relationships.

“First, build the friendship with the person, study the person and be certain before you enter into a relationship with the person. Don’t just rush into the relationship.

“Let’s not let the trend around us influence our decisions, try your best to set values for yourself and make yourself proud.”

She said there is the need for students who find themselves in harmful relationships to quit because it could disrupt their academic activities.

For her, the basis of every relationship should be friendship and not sexual intimacy.

“In a relationship, you need to weigh the positives and negatives. You have to let any relationship that is affecting you physically, verbally or emotionally.

“Even if you think you can manage it bear in mind that you are more valuable than that. Friendships should be the basis of every relationship,” she advised

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