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Don’t impose gay rights on us – Antwi-Danso warns Europe

Dean of the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Prof. Vladimir Antiw-Danso has warned the European powers against imposing the rights of homosexuals on Ghana.

He cited an instance where he was provoked by former UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon for advocating the rights of homosexuals at a forum designed to address food insecurity in Africa.

Prof Antwi-Danso also observed that he was incensed by the decision of the America Embassy to hoist the flag of homosexuals in the midst of massive campaign against the rights of LGBTQ+ persons.

Prof. Antwi-Danso challenged the Europeans to champion the rights of homosexuals in the Arab countries if they believe it is a human right issue.

He said these at an event to mark UN international Day of Democracy on the theme: The role of state actors and civil societies in consolidating democracy human rights and peace.

“Let the EU in Saudi Arabia attend gays and lesbians’ meetings, we must be very careful the way we accept things. Why are they not able to go to Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan and say gays have rights, they would have seen where the bullets would fly from…” he stated.

Prof Antwi-Danso also bemoaned the spate of coups experienced on the continent and blamed it on democracy deficit in Africa.


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