Don’t Think Of Recruiting Boot For Boot Militia From The Zongos – Nasara Ladies To Mahama


NPP Nasara Ladies is condemning the unguarded and weak comment from the former President and statesman of the Republic of Ghana. The pressure group has in a press statement sent a word of caution to the Former President John Dramani Mahama not to think of recruiting young people from the Zongos for his Boot for Boot Agenda.

Earlier this week, reported that the Former President of the Republic has sounded a word of caution to the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) advising them to desist from attacking members of the opposition National Democratic (NDC) else they’d be forced to show their true colours.

According to him, they will match the NPP boot for boot in the 2020 general elections if the NPP continues to intimidate NDC members with hoodlums and vigilante groups.

We’ll match NPP boot for boot in 2020 – Mahama

“We the Nasara Ladies of the NPP want to send this message to John Mahama that, if he was thinking of recruiting his boot for boot militias from our Zongo communities, they are telling him, our Husbands, Children, Brothers etc are far awake and will not fall for his call.

This outranks coming from a former President need an international condemnation. We the NPP Nasara Ladies, who represents the interest of the Zongo communities call on him to retract and apologize to Ghanaians.”

Founder: Abdul Razak R. Amid

President: Farida Yeboah

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