Doomsday Prophets certainly not followers of Jesus – Agyin-Asare


Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare has wondered whose example in the Bible doomsday prophets in Ghana follow, reiterating that neither did Jesus nor his disciples frighten nor blackmail people with such prophecies during His days here on earth.

It has been a trend in Ghana for self-styled prophets to make streaks of gloomy prophecies every New Year’s Eve.

31 December 2018 was no different, as several self-acclaimed prophets predicted the death of some prominent Ghanaians including politicians and religious leaders.

Borrowing a leaf from his earlier sermon to a sea of Christians at his Festival of Wonders in Tamale last year, the founder of Perez Chapel International (PCI) said: “As a people in Ghana, we live in very trying times” because “… many ministers [of God] in Ghana can only see people dying and they keep prophesying about people dying”.

Without mentioning any minister or prophet’s name, Bishop Agyinasare said: “Ministers who are prophesying that people are going to die, I don’t know what examples they are following, but as Christians, Jesus is our example; the apostles of Jesus are our example”.

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He said, unlike the doomsday prophets, “Jesus never prophesied to people that they were going to die and [that] until they came to see him in a room, they will [die].

“The apostles never prophesied to people [that] they were going to die and [that] until the people came to see them in a room, they [will die].

“Instead, when Jesus met the widow whose son was dead, Jesus raised him to life,” he said.

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