Double track system, a death track to our children – Japhet Festus Gbede writes


Japhet Festus Gbede a young political activist seeking to contest for the upcoming assembly election writes.

Since the inception of the Free Senior High School  in October 2017, the challenges continue to emerge day-in-day-out.

Most of which include; inadequate furniture , inadequate dormitories, inadequate classroom blocks and poor quality of food.

Unfortunately, any concerned citizen of Ghana that has alarmed such challenges for remedy action to be taken is seen as evil and severely punished by the current government.
And such severe punishments saw some head teachers out of office and others demoted for no stated reason.

The unpreparedness of the current government before implementing the flagship FSHS program has compelled her to introduce the Double Track System which they believe could help decongest and improve academic performance.

Barely two months after the introduction of the system, problems remained unsolved. And sections of the public do cry for the panic situation of their children but the current government’s position is still political, refuses to hold consultative approach in dealing with the challenges.

The public outcry has prompted an indigenous journalist (name withheld) to visit AKATSI SENIOR HIGH TECHNICAL SCHOOL (AKAST) in the Akatsi south Constituency of Volta Region on Wednesday, 17th day of October, 2018 and the situation seems worst.

The conditions have affected the health of majority students. Some were hospitalized and discharged but currently receiving post hospital treatment at the sick bay section of the school where there is insufficient bed.

So two students needs to use one bed as others sleep on the floor.
We could recall that, such casualties had happened and claimed over 40 lives in the various SHSs including Koforidua SHS and AKAST.

If care isn’t taken, this FSHS-Double Track System will continue to claim the lives of our children and Ghana will finally produce graduates but intellectually needy students, because learning can only take place in a siren environment.

I am calling on the current government led by Akuffo Addo to revisit the policy for the betterment of posterity.

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