Dr. Bawumia spoke through Abronye and Wontumi’s head – Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo

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NPP has succeeded in rendering Bawumia politically useless. One thing about NPP is that anytime they want their dirtiest jobs to be executed for them they look for a Northerner like Bawumia to undertake the task or people like Pius Enam Hadzide from my home town who are only fringe NPP members because just as Hon Ursula Owusu said they Akan’s in NPP are the owners of Ghana and everyone else is a second class citizen.

Bawumia today chose to speak about reading by describing and deriding NDC as people who don’t read, but I am happy that Hon Felix Ofosu-Kwakye quickly responded by reminding him that he Bawumia served a boss who could not read documents put before him and claimed to have been misled into granting executive approval for the AMERI scandalous deal which got Hon Boakye Agyarko fired as a Minister of Energy. This is the same Bawumia who criticizes a book (NDC’s Green Book) he claims he won’t read because it has Photoshop pictures on projects that don’t exist even though some NPP Ministers who also obviously don’t read use the Photoshop University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) as a hotel resort to go and rest. I think that’s enough on that chapter.

Bawumia again today showed to the whole world that he clearly didn’t carry his own head to the NPP acclamation ceremony to endorse Nana Akufo-Addo as their 2020 elections flagbearer but rather borrowed the heads of Wontumi and Abronye’s combined. No wonder he spoke without substance and spoke “by-heart”.

Dr. BAWUMIA should know by now that “the incompetent one” he spoke about gave potable water to the people of Walewale his hometown which he Bawumia drinks anytime he visits his village.

Bawumia seems to have forgotten that water is life so whilst “the incompetent one” gave potable water to the people of Akyem Kyebi whose water bodies were destroyed by themselves through galamsey activities, for 12 years that his competent boss Nana Akufo-Addo represented Kyebi in Parliament he could not use his competence to give them potable water.

Bawumia has also forgotten that “the incompetent one” upgraded the Kumasi and Tamale airports thus making it easier for him (Bawumia) to travel at night to Walewale as a Vice President.

Bawumia has soon forgotten that it was this same “incompetent one” who he praised for solving Dumsor in 2016.

Bawumia should know that “the incompetent one” did not involve the IGP in arresting the Cedi but was able to manage the economy better and never needed an 18 member Economic Management Advisory Committee to check the astronomical depreciation of the Cedi, a Committee that he (Bawumia) was excluded from either because of his laziness or the “the uses” to which NPP assigns their fringe members who are not part of “the owners of Ghana”.

Bawumia should remember that “the incompetent one” did not render Galamseyers jobless and replaced them with his party people nor did “the incompetent one” steal 500 “flying” excavators.

Bawumia should know that the claim that NPP is competent and that he and his boss are competent has nonetheless rendered over 3 million Ghanaians jobless and over thousands more dead because of their incompetent management of the economy, culminating in the falsification of key macroeconomic indicators and collapse of Banks, and numerous indigenous Ghanaian owned businesses.

Bawumia and his competent boss Nana Akufo-Addo came to meet a public debt of Ghc122billion accrued from Nkrumah’s time up to 2016 with massive infrastructure projects undertaken by “the incompetent Mahama”, but within just three years NPP has doubled Ghana’s public debt to Ghc236 billion with very little to show.

Bawumia should also remember that “the incompetent one” saved Nana Addo and his ministers from dying from Covid-19 on pages 26 and 27 of the NDC Green book.

Bawumia should also note that as competent as he is, his Northern brothers are still waiting for their one village one dam, one million per constituency, their individual personal bank accounts, the concrete roads just to mention a few.

Bawumia who claims he reads couldn’t even detect the expiry dates on food items he dispatched and delivered to his own blood Brothers and decided to poison them to death with expired food. What a competent Vice President!

Bawumia should have been in jail by now not to talk of making noise about an Economy he knew nothing about.

If Dr. Bawumia is the benchmark that NDC needs to select a running mate then I would advise President John Mahama to go into this election with my three years old son as NDC running mate.

I plead with Captain Koda as a matter of urgency to return the two useless heads that belong to Abronye and Wontumi before Bawumia collapses their party for them.

I am Still A Citizen and Not a Spectator.

Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo.
Bono Regional Youth Organizer

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Edward Ladzekpo

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