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Dr. Minta Nyarku Donates Assorted Items to NDC Zongo Caucus Within His Constituency

Cape Coast – Supporting the Muslim community within my Constituency to end almost a month of fasting is a call to serve and to share in the blessings of the Ramadan fasting period, Dr. Minta Nyarku shares while donating some food items to Muslims in his constituency.

The items donated included 250 25kg bags of rice, 240 bottles of cooking oil, and 240 tins of Mackerel. These items were donated to the Zongo Caucus of the National Democratic Congress. The items are to be shared to all the Muslim Constituency and Branch Executives across the constituency, as well as the UCC Muslims Students Community.

The donation was done today Sunday 1st May, 2022 as part of the MP’s efforts to support the Muslim community in his constituency. “We’re all one and the same people only differentiated by religious affiliation. There is beauty in diversity and this is my token to support you after fasting and praying for mother Ghana”.

He further underscored the fact “The good virtues acquired during the holy month of Ramadan would be part of the life of all to help move the constituency forward for all. I thank you for your support and know some of you prayed for me. Please continue to pray for me and the nation”.

Ragga as he is popularly known was in the company of some NDC Constituency and Branch Executives.

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