Drama as company announces vacancy for position 35 minutes after worker died, people react

A woman shared a touching story of how her colleague’s position at work was declared open minutes after the person’s death

The tweep with the handle @ChinklydChelz advised people always to take care of themselves, suggesting that anybody was dispensable in every organisation

Many people supported her view as they also shared instances where people were quickly replaced after their demise

A woman with the Twitter handle @ChinklydChelz has taken to the platform to emphasise the need always to take one’s welfare important.

Many people said most companies don't care about their worker's welfare.
Photos sources: @ChinklydChelz, iStock

In a post on Monday, March 29, she revealed how a colleague of hers at work died. She said 35 minutes after the terrible news was announced, the company opened recruitment for the position.

The woman added that it was always good to put oneself first no matter how important every other thing maybe.

Many people came under her comment section to share similar experiences, further expressing the need for proper personal welfare above everything else.

See here post below:


At the time of writing this report, her post had gathered over 159,000 retweets and thousands of quoted replies with over 33,000 likes. compiled some of the reactions below:

@iBaseball_1 said:

“I don’t see anything wrong. It’s business, nothing personal. They still have a business to run and her position probably plays a big factor in the company.”

She said:

“Never said that. The message is for people to take care of themselves first before worrying about a job.”

@celanousconcern said:

“When I lost my job after catching COVID-19, they fired me for missing too much work. I was eager to return, but they said no. That was in October. They still haven’t replaced me. I went to every job site and told my story. Let them know what you’re worth. I didn’t until it was too late.”

@MorgansBME said:

“Two years ago, my store manager died in a car accident leaving work and the next day they hired somebody for his position like he was nothing. Didn’t have a memorial, no balloon release or anything. Just a pic and a reef … that’s Walmart for you.

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