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EC printing extra ballot papers – NDC

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The NDC is accusing the Electoral Commission of printing extra ballot papers in an attempt to rig the general elections on December 7.

Addressing the media on Sunday, the party’s National Campaign Coordinator, Prof Joshua Alabi alleged that over 150,000 excess ballot papers are being printed without notice to the political parties.

According to him, these are not part of the extra 5% ballot papers the EC is mandated to print to cater for errors.

“This means that more ballot papers are being printed in excess than the required number for poling stations.”

“The NDC found out that the assembly press is printing the extra ballot papers in another location on their premises, on the blind side of the agents of the political parties.”

Prof Alabi stated that the EC withheld, from the political parties, the ballot statistics needed to help track the number of ballot papers.

“In a rather shocking twist of events, the EC directed the NDC to receive copies of the ballot statistics from the printing houses.”

He explained the lack of accurate information will affect the successful recording and tracking of the ballot papers during the printing process.

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