EC warns against wearing party-branded face masks at polling centres

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The Electoral Commission has cautioned voters against turning up at polling stations on December 7 with party-branded facemasks.

In accordance with Covid-19 safety protocols, the Electoral Commission has instructed strict compliance at all polling stations.

However, in view of laws against voters wearing party paraphernalia to vote, the EC has advised that voters come to the polling centres wearing nose masks but without any party branding.

“People should wear the facemasks but not the party-branded ones,” Director of Electoral Services of the EC, Dr Serebour Quaicoe said.

During the campaign season, most parties gave away branded nose masks to their fans and followers, however, voters have been advised not to wear them to the polling stations.

“We are saying that you can’t come to the polling station without a face mask because there is a law to that effect and we need to protect the lives of people,” he said.

Meanwhile, security personnel are reported to have turned away voters, including 3 security officials, for not wearing their nosemasks during the Special Voting exercise on December 1.

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