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Ejisu NPP Commend Member of Parliament for Good Job done in the Constituency

A pro New Patriotic Party grouping identified as ‘EJISUMAN NKOSO)’ in the Ashanti Region’s Ejisu Constituency has expressed in a statement, their satisfaction and appreciation of the great deal efforts the Member of Parliament , doubling as Deputy Minister for Roads and Highways Honorable Kwabena Owusu Aduomi,  is putting into the phenomenal growth and unprecedented development of the Ejisu Constituency.
Below is their full statement
Honorable Owusu Aduomi, Words are not enough to express our appreciation to you.
Issued on 6/9/19
Leadership, as the great Ghanaian, President Kufour puts it, is about service and sacrifices to the people. Indeed, with the advent of his leadership, our Member of Parliament Honorable Kwabena Owusu Aduomi has proven to be, for want of words, a better, exemplar and unique politician and legislator Ejisu constituency has ever had.
Indeed, it is on the premise of advice and wise sayings from our elders which implores us to show  in kind words of appreciation for whatever good  bequeath to us. Thus far, it is instructive to note that, we have had legislators representing this great constituency in parliament, however yours is worth acknowledging as the best of its kind, we ever have had. To buttress our objective stand, we will attempt to say few of your impressive attributes and unwavering support to our constituency.
It is no gainsay that you’re most accessible, available and receptive to we, the people coupled with the obvious fact that, a weekend would never pass without your humbling presence in our constituency. With the demanding nature of your duties as a deputy Minister of the most crucial Roads and Highways, you have never relent on making yourself available, accessible and presence being felt in the constituency every weekend. What seems obvious about we giving you the appellation ‘Our Hero’ is your undying sacrifices to the ordinary people in this constituency and your visionary leadership in shaping Ejisu constituency with infrastructural developments. We acknowledge your efforts in giving us teachers bungalows, retooling and building of a new wards at Ejisu Hospital, access to mechanized boreholes, first class roads to mention few.
In the same vein, it is important to note of your great efforts in building our human development. Your benevolence and kindness to the old and weak, supports to numerous students, support to artisans farmers and the many constituency and polling station executives in Ejisu constituency is not lost on us. We also acknowledge the fact that, it is during your reign as Member of Parliament for Ejisu, you have contributed substantially to the unprecedented increment of the Presidential votes of then-candidate Akufo-Addo now President since 2008.
To this end, Honorable Kwabena Owusu Aduomi, we borrow the inspiring words of the Gospel artiste of this year, ‘MO NE Y)’ to with ‘Thank You very Much for the great works done’ or ‘Well done’. We crave on your indulgence to continue to serve Ejisu constituency as we are ready to put our shoulders behind you and secure for you a hundred percent mandate in any elections be it primaries or general elections.
Hannah Akosua K Osei

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